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Founded in Kabul, Afghanistan, the Ariana Television Network (ATN, Pashto: ) is a privately owned television network. This television station was founded in 2005 by Afghan-American Ehsan Bayat (the owner of Afghan Wireless Communication Company), and it began broadcasting to foreign audiences in 2006. With terrestrial coverage in 33 of the country’s 34 provinces, Afghanistan Television Network (ATN) is one of the country’s most popular television stations.

In the summer of 2005, the channel was founded and began broadcasting globally in 2006. It was updated with a new logo in 2014. Its sibling station, Ariana News, which broadcasts news 24 hours a day, was also founded the same year as Ariana.

Afghan Television Network’s programming focuses on showcasing Afghan culture in its social, cultural, political, and amusing segments. Some of the longest-running series on ATN include Entekhb-e Binendah (Viewer’s Choice, a music show), Parwna-h (Butterflies, a children’s show), Cinem, Warzesh (Sports), Setrah-ye Rangin (Colored Stars, a music show), and the annual ATN Awards.

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Cooking programme 59-Minute Duel has been on the air since 2011, and it features two competitor chefs who compete against each other to prepare a three-course meal for the judges in precisely 59 minutes. Every week, a different unique item would be delivered, and the meals would have to be designed around that particular ingredient as a basis. The title of “The Golden Chef” is handed to the winner after the scores have been determined by the celebrity judges, who are generally present. Afghan and foreign cooks, such as soldiers from an American or British base, would often work together on numerous occasions.

Ariana is also the daughter of Motakhases, a well-known comedic figure who featured on the defunct Khanda Hy-e Girya Dr humour programme and subsequently on the Hekyat Hye Motakhases television show.

Ehsan Bayat, an Afghan-American, founded Ariana Live TV ( ATN) .. Ehsan bayat is the (owner of Afghan Wireless Communication Company) in 2005 and started broadcasting internationally the following year.

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