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Tamaddon TV Live

Tamaddon TV is an Afghan television network situated in Kabul. This YouTube channel was founded by Asif Mohseni.

At the present, they’re experimenting with broadcasting shows over Asia and Europe using ABS satellite. The Network can be accessed in Kabul via a land transmitter that operates on the UHF band and channel 36.

In contrast to other private networks, this network does not transmit music. The network’s shows address religious problems as well as airing Iranian soap operas such as “She Was an Angle.”

Tamaddon TV live
Tamaddon TV

Contrary to the majority of newly established networks, it has pursued cultural and religious goals rather than political, commercial, or promotional goals.

Tamaddon TV is a channel that broadcasts throughout the Middle East. They have superior equipment and facilities than other networks, and their shows are broadcast via land across Kabul and via satellite to the farthest parts of the globe, with good studio and technical equipment.

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