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Shamshad Radio and Television Network (Pashto: ) is a media organisation with offices in Afghanistan and Dubai. Shamshad began broadcasting in early 2006 and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Shamshad TV is one of Afghanistan’s most prominent Pashto-language television channels, broadcasting in both English and Pashto.

In addition to a huge chunk of the nation where ethnic Pashtuns dwell, Shamshad’s broadcast region also includes remote and inaccessible locations. Most of Shamshad’s programmes (85 percent) are delivered in Pashto, and they include educational TV shows, news, family dramas, musical performances, comedy shows, children’s game shows, women empowerment programmes, Islamic educational programmes, political and current affairs shows, entertainment shows, sports programmes, criminal incident programmes, and entertaining programmes. Shamshad broadcasts to both local areas of Afghanistan as well as other countries via satellite, IPTV, and local transmitters, as well as to other countries via satellite.

Shamshad is readily accessible in Kabul and other eastern provinces like as Ningrahar and Konar, as well as online. It is also transmitted in Afghanistan’s northern zone, particularly the cities of Kunduz and Mazar e Sharif. It is possible to get signals in Herat, Kandahar, Helmand, Paktia, Ghazni, and other parts of the nation.

Pushto and Dari news are carried hourly on the China Global Television Network (CGTN) Pushto News and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Pushto News, respectively.

Shamshad was televised to European and North American audiences for a brief while in 2007.

The Turkish drama Sefket Tape (Dare Morchal), Team One (Shaheen), Mirna and Khalil (Mirna oo khalil), Iki Dunya Anasinda (Sahra), Yeni Gelin (Nawy) as well as several more drama series are all translated by Shamshad.

Additionally, Shamshad has translated other Hindi drama series, including Karal Bagh (Karal bagh), a family issues-based narrative, and the love story-based dramas Qabool Hai (Salgai), Be Had (Junoon), and Koch Ring Peyar ki (Da meni rang), which is also a family-based love story drama series.

Shamshad produces its own programmes such as Roon Sahar (morning show in which different people from society are invited to discuss social and political issues with them), Jor pa Khair (local music), Takkan (comedy programme), cooking show, in Ghazal shpa (music show) in which different musicians from all over the country are invited, Khaza ao Tolana (special programme for women in which they are asked about their lives and working areas), Tawda bahsona (

Shamshad Film Production will be releasing its own drama series, Sola and Seyal, in the near future (Sola ao seyal).

It is a decorative portrayal of the network’s name written in Pashto that serves as the Shamshad TV logo. It was chosen by Fazel Karim Fazel, the company’s founder. Sham Shad is the combination of two SS and three dots on the top that represents Sheen in Pashto, and the two SS are the names of the two brothers.

Shamshad TV live is also available in Middle East, Central South & West Asia, Africa, Europe & Australia.

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