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Noor TV Live

Since July 2007, Noor TV Live, a Kabul-based broadcaster, has been efficiently transmitting across Afghanistan’s major regions.

Noor TV live highlights Afghan culture, tradition, and spirituality via informative, educational, and entertaining programming. This channel aims to bring Afghanistan’s various regions under one umbrella. Noor TV caters to the educational, cultural, and spiritual requirements of its audience in this way.

Noor TV Live
Noor TV Live

Noor Television Network has offices in Kabul, Herat, Mazar Shareef, and Jalalabad, as well as production facilities in Herat, Mazar Shareef, and Jalalabad. In addition, regional marketing offices for Noor TV may be found in Jalalabad, Heart, Mazar Shareef, Badakhshan, and Kandahar. R news correspondents from Noor TV are stationed in provincial capitals across the country, including Balkh, Nangarhar, Parwan, and many others.

Noor TV live made its broadcast debut in the United States and Canada on August 1, 2007. As the first Afghan satellite television station in Northern California. Since then, Noor TV has become one of the most popular Afghan television channels in North America.

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