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Payam-E-Afghan TV Live

Payam-E-Afghan TV is a Los Angeles-based Afghan-focused satellite television network. It began broadcasting news, music, and entertainment programmes in the Persian and Pashto languages in 2007, thanks to a grant from the United States government. Omar Khetab owns the channel and funds it.

Payam-E-Afghan TV is an Afghan satellite television network broadcasting live from Los Angeles, California. It first aired in 2007.

Payam-E-Afghan TV Live
Payam-E-Afghan TV

On the channel, Omar Mateen, the father of Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, hosted a number of programmes and shows.

In 2008, the station was made available in Europe. It is currently available on Eutelsat 7B 7°E and Hot Bird 13°E.

Payam-E-Afghan Television (Payam-E-Afghan Television) is an Afghan television channel It mostly broadcasts Pashtu and Dari-language news, music, and entertainment shows.

You can also watch Payam-E-Afghan TV in their Afghan TV Channels android and Afghan TV Channels ios applications.

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