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Zhwandoon TV Live

The Pashto-language television station Zhwandoon TV live is situated in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The Pashto-language television station Zhwandoon TV (Pashto: – meaning “Life”) is based in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Satellite specs for Zwandoon TV: AsiaSat 3S, frequency 3683 MHz, symbol rate 2074kbps, FEC 3/4 Vertical Polarization. Change the frequency and symbol rate if you have a signal for Khyber TV or GEO TV.

You can also watch Zhwandoon TV Live on glwiz tv and and many in afghan iptv channel. They have their own Android and iOS application where it allows you to watch this channel in high quality .

Zhwandoon TV Live
Zhwandoon TV

Beside these channels you can watch other Afghan TV Channels in these applications and officail website as well.

There are many Afghan TV Channels that are from different part of Afghanistan and it can be accessed from anywhere in Afghanistan . Zhwandoon tv is one of these channels that can be access from any part of Afghanistan without any problem.

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